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You play as an apprentice in a magical brewery and must quickly and skillfully mix various potions to fulfill your customers' wishes. Numerous challenges and various unique ingredients await you, waiting to be combined by you.



Experience a unique journey through evolution in Evotiles, the ranking game based on the popular sliding puzzle 2048. Connect matching tiles on the game board to collect EVO points and unlock new eras, ranging from prehistoric creatures to the future. With different gaming skins such as the Evolutionary Skin, the Geo Skin, or the Cute Animals Skin, Evotiles offers a varied visual style and simple controls. Challenge yourself and compete against others to achieve the highest score. Join the evolution and climb to the top!



You have to strategically place colored cubes on a grid to fill it completely and complete the level. With hundreds of levels, various difficulty levels, and minimalist design, the game offers a challenging and entertaining puzzle experience.