Puzzle your way through the epochs.

Evotiles - The Leaderboard Game

Evotiles is a unique sliding puzzle and leaderboard game based on the gameplay of the popular puzzle game 2048. Combine matching tiles on the game board and earn EVO points for the gaming high score. Play with others and see who can go the furthest.

Instead of the number-based gameplay of classic 2048, you aim to combine matching pairs of tiles representing different eras of history. Unlock more tiles over time and discover prehistoric creatures such as dinosaurs and mammoths, all the way up to ancient humans. Travel through the ages in this puzzle game and make way for new eras by collecting EVO points.


  • Slide the tiles on the game board and combine matching pairs
  • Combine tiles to unlock new figures such as dinosaurs or mammoths and progress through different eras
  • Collect EVO points for the gaming high score
  • Use your brain to strategize your moves
  • You lose when there are no more moves left

What to Expect

  • Leaderboard game with high score
  • Unlockable eras of evolution with increasing difficulty
  • Unique game board visuals
  • Different skins of the game interface available
  • 4x4 game board
  • Easy control and uncomplicated gameplay
  • Dynamic background
  • 20 different tiles to discover

Different Gaming Skins

Evolutionary Skin

  • Marvel at creatures and landmarks
  • Dinosaurs and mammoths in cool 3D designs

Geo Skin

  • Classic 2048 gameplay in a new and simplified style
  • Numerous colorful 3D models

Cute Animals Skin

  • Brand new style in cute art style
  • 20 cute figures waiting for you
  • Chibi look combined with a low poly design
  • Adorable 3D monsters living together on a farm

The high score leaderboard is renewed every month to give new players a chance to achieve a good ranking in the fun gaming experience.