Alchemist: Run your own shop.

Potion Party - Arcade hit in pixel style

Dive into the colorful pixel world of alchemy and become a master of potions. Take charge of your own potion shop in this cool 8-bit retro-style arcade and time management game. Brew challenging spells and win the hearts of customers. Always keep an eye on the time!

Fantasy-style shop simulator

Potion Party is a fantasy-style shop simulator. You will immerse yourself in a loving fantasy world full of unique characters and use various tools and ingredients to make fantastic potions. Take care of your plantations and harvest juicy fruits that you process into magical potions with a mortar and brewing stand. Each action requires strategy and good time management. Plan your steps carefully to handle multiple operations at the same time. Potion Party is available for smartphones so you can continue your potion production anytime, anywhere.


Choose the right ingredients for your demanding customers and cook the desired potions in your own laboratory. Only those who give their best will earn a lot of money. The goal is to become the greatest alchemist in the area.

Many unique characters

Earn gold by selling the potions you make and put fresh money into your cash register to hire new characters for your business. They have different abilities that will help you sell your potions.

Improve and decorate your alchemy shop

Use items in the shop to further enhance your business, such as getting more tables or other accessories.

Defend your shop

Do your best to boost your profits and protect your alchemy shop from dangerous enemies and intruders who will disrupt your shop. Grab your minerals and bottles and start the cauldron. Will you be the next master of alchemy?


  • Brew, combine and sell magic potions in your own shop
  • Expand and decorate your alchemy shop
  • Unlock more than 20 items
  • Defend your shop against enemies
  • Level up your characters' skills
  • Unlock 11 unique characters
  • Fight through all 12 challenging stages
  • Story and Endless modes available
  • No micro-transactions (all game elements are unlockable)
  • Simple controls
  • Available in German, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian