Free the field with the color cube.

Cubegrid - The captivating puzzle game on-the-go

Cubegrid is a captivating puzzle game that offers a lot of puzzle fun. It's the perfect pastime for anyone who loves tricky brain teasers and strategy. Our mobile version of Cubegrid offers 80 varied levels with different levels of difficulty and obstacles.

Slide your cube through the playing field and collect all the colors to free the playing field from the color fields. With every move, you have to do your best to complete the level. Cubegrid offers a colorful 3D gaming experience with easy controls and increased difficulty.

You can choose from many different cube skins to personalize and unlock your cube. There is no time limit in Cubegrid, so you can play at your own pace and train your brain. You can also play the game offline without WiFi.

Game features:

  • easy controls
  • colorful 3D gaming experience
  • increased difficulty
  • 80 varied levels
  • many different cube skins to personalize and unlock
  • no time limit
  • playable offline without WiFi
  • Train your brain

Download Cubegrid for free now on the App Store or Google Play Store and experience puzzle fun on-the-go! Cubegrid is the ideal puzzle game for children and adults who are looking for an entertaining challenge.