17. LNC 2023

#event #indiegamedev
web; published on 04 July 2023

At the 17th Long Night of Video Games in Leipzig, Alchemical showcased a breathtaking performance that captivated the visitors. Our highly motivated team presented the first fascinating impressions and prototypes of Dream Keeper, our latest project that was created with tireless dedication and creative expertise in our in-house editor. With great anticipation, we also unveiled an unreleased game currently in production, pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

In addition to our groundbreaking new projects, we brought our timeless classics to life, including the captivating POTION PARTY, the sophisticated world of EVOTILES, and the immersive CUBEGRID. Our booth shone brightly amidst a sea of people eagerly trying out our games and providing enthusiastic feedback.

The 17th LNC 2023 serves as an essential meeting point for the thriving game development scene in Saxony, and it fills us with deep pride to be an integral part of this vibrant community. We can't wait to continue showcasing our works at this outstanding event with the recognition they deserve.